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Low prices guaranteed but what about everything else?

Sainsbury’s Brand Match. Asda Price Guarantee. Tesco Price Promise. And now Ocado has its own Low Price Promise. With all these promises, how can a consumer go wrong?
The fact is that price alone is not enough, further evidence of which we’ll see tomorrow when Tesco is expected to report its first drop in profits in [...]

Olympic fever - a look at the UK high street

With just hours to go before the Olympic Ceremony kicks off, this week we had a look at how retailers in Central London have geared up for the big event.
John Lewis has been among the more pro-active (there’s certainly nothing understated about wrapping your top stores in Olympics banners). As an official sponsor and the [...]

Tesco now promises Value everyday

The news: Tesco is phasing out its Value private label line and replacing it with a new brand called Everyday Value.

The implication: This isn’t just a name change, but a move to make the packaging and quality of its bottom-tier range far more attractive to value-seeking shoppers. The products will contain no MSGs, GMOs, and [...]

Is there a future for hypermarkets?

Carrefour is expected to report on Thursday that Q4 like-for-likes at its French hypermarket division have declined by 5%. This follows last week’s dreadful UK numbers from Tesco. With this in mind, let’s take a look at whether big-box stores can reverse their fortunes.
The sixties was a momentous decade for retail. In 1962, America’s [...]

eBay pops up on the high street

Online retailer eBay has opened its first UK high street location, which a few of us at Planet Retail had the opportunity to visit this morning. The temporary shop, which is open for just five days, features around 350 items which are tagged with QR codes. The idea is for shoppers to scan the QR [...]

Multichannel, exclusivity key for UK Christmas

An extra long one this week to share our thoughts on UK Christmas this year. The below is an excerpt of a broader opinion piece which is being published this week.
Subdued consumer environment
Challenging will be an understatement when describing this year’s Christmas trading period. Consumer budgets remain under a tremendous amount of pressure, particularly [...]

Inflation and food wars

The UK food wars are getting a little old, don’t you think?
Nevertheless, we’ve seen more muscle flexing this week by the usual suspects of Tesco and Asda – no coincidence that inflation figures also came out this week, having finally breached the 5% mark. Regardless of the fact that it’s electricity and gas that are [...]

What’s wrong with Tesco?

It’s not easy for anyone to grow share in a subdued market, particularly if you’re Tesco and already control one-third of it. But surely Tesco should be ringing up more impressive figures than the 0.5% like-for-like sales decline that was reported this morning – its weakest performance in twenty years.
So what’s going wrong? It can’t [...]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Just as Cadburys Easter eggs debuted four months early last December, we’re now seeing a similar trend with Christmas merchandise hitting the shelves in a major way this month. Call it premature but it’s just a sign of how shaky retailers are feeling as they head into their most critical few months of trading.
With no [...]

Is it only about price?

Price transparency. It’s changing the way shoppers behave, the way retailers position themselves and, of course, the way suppliers respond.
Gimmicky promotions are out and honest pricing is in. Today’s shopper is armed with their own personal price checker (ie smartphone) which means retailers have two options: 1) commit to truly offering the lowest price [...]