Some cool things seen in Swedish electronics stores

I recently took a trip to Sweden to check out some of the stores, and mainly electronics stores, over there. I was really impressed with some of the things I saw which I thought I would quickly share with you.

Great interactive vacuum cleaner aisle in Media Markt

Vacuum cleaners are typically pretty ‘unsexy’ in a typical electronics store, but what Media Markt have done here is great. The vacuum cleaners are all working and different types of flooring allow you to really road test the products based on your flooring at home. Very simple but what a great idea.

Sony in Elgiganten

In an Elgiganten store I spotted this great little Smurf diorama - it allows shoppers to take macro shots of the model, with their results shown on a nearby screen. Again, a great way to encourage interaction and really allowing shoppers to play with products before they buy them.

Video gaming is big in Sweden, but this display of simulation games in Media Markt blew me away. If you have ever wondered what it was like to run your own oil rig, garden, garbage truck and demolitions crew, then no worry no longer - there is an actual game for.

Beauty in Elgiganten

Beauty in Elgiganten

Another good example of encouraging interactivity with shoppers was the beauty department with Elgiganten - a really great range of hair driers, straighteners and curlers - many of which were plugged in and working. A make-up mirror allowed shoppers to trial the products out and see for themselves the results.

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  1. #1 TheseRetailDays
    on Feb 14th, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Great details, electrical retail is a sector in desperate need of new thinking. There’s loads of opportunity to add value to the shopping experience and it’s good to see some businesses doing exactly that.

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