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Capturing shoppers on the move

In our recent Global Trends & Forecasts 2013 report, we highlighted 10 trends which we think will have an important role to play in shaping retail over the next decade.
One trend which has become more noticeable over 2012 was the increasingly willingness, and helped by technological advances, the ability to target shoppers in times and [...]

Shopping with Kinect

There seems to be no let up in the current rage for QR codes. Retailers across the world don’t seem to be happy unless they are slapping the pixelated codes on a range of products and surfaces. This week saw Tesco in the UK launch a QR code wall at the departure lounge at Gatwick [...]

Getting social instore

Recent years have seen a whole host of retailers attempting to establish an online social media presence - whether through dedicated twitter accounts responding to customer queries (such as Whole Foods) or transactional facebook pages.
However, a very real challenge remains replicating this strategy instore. For most retailers, their online presence and stores are two very [...]