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Capturing shoppers on the move

In our recent Global Trends & Forecasts 2013 report, we highlighted 10 trends which we think will have an important role to play in shaping retail over the next decade.
One trend which has become more noticeable over 2012 was the increasingly willingness, and helped by technological advances, the ability to target shoppers in times and [...]

Bicqlo combination store unlikely to take off

Exciting news from Japan where two of the country’s leading retailers are joining forces to launch a new joint store concept. Clothing chain Uniqlo and Bic Camera, a leading specialist consumer electronics player, will open the first cleverly-named Bicqlo (see what they have done there) in Tokyo later this month. Located near the busy Shinjuku [...]

Shopping with Kinect

There seems to be no let up in the current rage for QR codes. Retailers across the world don’t seem to be happy unless they are slapping the pixelated codes on a range of products and surfaces. This week saw Tesco in the UK launch a QR code wall at the departure lounge at Gatwick [...]

Stores for the seniors

Senior shoppers seem to stepping out of the shadows. While many retailers invest heavily in attracting hip and tech-savvy young adults through augmented reality virtual mirrors and opening clothing stores so dark you are often required to shop through touch alone, a growing sector of the population is often missed entirely. In most developed (and [...]

Trend Smash! - Sponsored shopping

Would you be prepared to pay less for a product in return for it alerting you to deals nearby, or carrying advertising from a complementary product? If so, how much? 10%? 25% or even 50%?
You may never have been directly asked such a question before, let alone had time to think about it. But, an [...]

Trend Smash! - Small stores in the ascendency

The world is often described as ‘getting smaller’. While the phrase often refers to globalisation, the ease and availability of travel and our increasingly interconnected lives, it also relates to the current and future situation within global grocery retailing. Here, after years of building larger and larger stores to stock more and more products, many [...]

Trend Smash! - The shift to round price points

Traditionally, both retailers and consumers have viewed the 0.99 price point as providing the best price/value combination.
The price point has long been used as a tactic by retailers who are keenly aware that consumers tend to place prices in categories such as ‘under £2’ or ‘under $3’, with the first few denominations having a disproportionate [...]

Trend Smash! - Electronics private labels set to grow

Historically, private label development and penetration at electronics retailers has lagged behind other retail sectors, particularly grocery. The reasons are obvious:

Consumers are much more brand sensitive on big-ticket purchases or in areas where innovation is important. You probably wouldn’t think twice about buying an own brand tin of beans for 40p. But an own brand [...]

Trend Smash! - Micro-stores the next big thing?

There has been an awful lot in press recently about big-box retailers looking towards smaller stores for growth. The recent announcement by the king of the big-box, Walmart (see Natalie Berg’s Walmart must think small for future growth) is just part of an ongoing trend highlighted by Planet Retail towards smaller stores.
Tesco, for example, now operates well over [...]