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Top marks for 7-Eleven in Oz

Following on from my recent blogs about Woolworths and Coles in Australia, I thought I would follow on with some photos of one of my favourite stores I saw around Melbourne - 7-Eleven. This format has really come on leaps and bounds since my last visit in 2008 and its ongoing expansion proves it can [...]

Coles gains the initiative

This is the second of my blog posts looking at some of the top grocery stores I visited on my recent trip to Australia. Last week was Woolworths, so its only right that this week we have a look at Coles.
Recent years have seen Coles experience something of a resurgence, led by a new management [...]

Woolworths ‘Lantern’ lights the way

I’ve recently returned from Australia where I presented at the Australian Food & Grocery Council’s Senior Executive Forum in the Yarra Valley. A great event with some real learnings about what’s currently happening in the Australian grocery sector.
Of course, I also took the time to visit some of the great stores Melbourne has to offer [...]

The growing popularity of multi-channel

Rewind to the late 1990s and early 2000s and many commentators believed that e-commerce would sweep away many of the traditional high street names in retailing. Why would shoppers even bother going to stores if they could simply buy everything they needed (often at a lower price) online, they argued.
Clearly, such prophecies were over exaggerated. [...]

Dixons shows off its KNOWHOW

I was recently invited by UK consumer electronics retailer Dixons Retail to view a newly refubished Currys/PC World store in London that had been fitted with the retailer’s new KNOWHOW service offer.
Dixons Retail is rolling out the KNOWHOW service this year to replace its existing TechGuys offering, whose name was felt to have negative tech-heavy [...]

Where now for Best Buy internationally?

This week has seen Best Buy announce it is withdrawing from Turkey and also closing its eponymous superstore chain in China.
For us at Planet Retail, who have been studying Best Buy’s international strategy for some time, the announcement comes as little surprise. In 2009, we foresaw the trouble Best Buy would have going global in [...]

Lotte Shopping one to watch in Asia

Those with even a passing interest in the Asian grocery sector cannot have failed to notice the rise in recent years of South Korea’s Lotte Shopping. As recent as five years ago, the retailer only operated in its domestic market. However, stung into action by its major rivals Tesco and Shinsegae, the company is fast [...]

Dixons goes Black

The highlights
One of the new aspects of the store is the ‘collections’ area which can be found immediately on the left of the ground floor and highlights a range of products based around a particular theme. At the time of our visit, the theme was ‘New Year’s resolutions’ and products in the range included exercise products [...]

Xmas over but ‘Days of Christmas’ promotions rumble on

With the Christmas trading results of many retailers now dribbling in, most attention has been focused on those crucial weeks and days in the run up to the 25th. However, with the Christmas period playing such a crucial role to a range of retailers (particularly entertainment, electronics and toy specialists), who can blame them for wanting to extend the [...]

Welcome to my Retail blog

Welcome to the first, and hopefully not the last, entry to my blog. Firstly, some introductions. I am the joint Global Research Director at Planet Retail – the world’s leading retail research company (even if I say so myself). For over a decade we have been researching and analysing the great (and sometimes the small) [...]