Posts from ‘May, 2009’

Manchester here we come

Doesn’t time fly? It seems like only yesterday we were packing up after Professional Beauty London and now the build-up for Professional Beauty Manchester has begun. Yesterday, we opened up visitor registration (all health & beauty professionals that register before October’s show will gain free entry) and today we’re sending out badge numbers to everyone [...]

Colour me happy

The sun’s out here in London, so I couldn’t resist a little blog about summer nails and makeup. It’s been the theme of our first ever Hot Shots competition this month and we’ve had some cracking entries from nail and makeup artists that have created some bright, summery looks. (Email before June 4 to [...]

Any colour, as long as it’s green

By Louise Dartford
With the green revolution still going strong, it makes sense that more and more people are questioning what is in the vast array of cosmetics available to us today and that they are thinking twice about what they are putting on their skin. It’s about time, considering that our skin can absorb around [...]

Non-invasive treatments increase in recession

By Jenni West
With the media filling pages, airwaves and any available time slot with the news of the recession, we have only just been given a slight respite with the inevitable news of Jordan and Peter.
But even with the pair dominating the headlines this week, it hasn’t taken away the fact that recession is affecting [...]

Practice makes perfect

By Nancy Baker
Where do you start? You book the courses, get the diplomas and then what? Is this it? Can you really call yourself a beautician? What does it really take to make you earn and deserve that prestigious title?
What if you make a mistake? It’s all well and good attending the courses, but that [...]

Product review: Fill in the gaps

By Nadira V Persaud
I’m never one to harp on about cosmetic surgery or artificial beauty procedures, though I can’t help but be impressed by Evolence, a new and exciting collagen-based injection, which achieves a youthful appearance, immediately.
The results are, to be honest, so natural and so subtle you may think, why bother?
Specialists describe Evolence, which [...]

Get the look

The Rachel Cut, Twiggy’s Pixie Crop, Marlene Dietrich’s eyebrows, Madonna’s peroxide punk look, Betty Paige’s full red lips and Elizabeth’s Taylor’s Cleopatra eyes have all been selected by Clothes Show London as styles that shook the beauty world, according to yesterday’s Professional Beauty newsletter. (Register here to recieve the newsletter)
Reading this, I thought of a [...]

Faking it

I don’t think it’s quite what they intended, but Cancer Research released some rather good news for purveyors of sunbed use today; apparently, a fifth of regular sunbed users have every intention of increasing their usage this year because they are unlikely to be jetting off for a foreign holiday.
According to the poll of [...]

Where do you network?

Any celebrity worth their presence in Heat Magazine knows that getting into the hottest hang-outs in town is crucial. It’s much the same for forward-thinking businesses, as they navigate the fickle world of online social networking in the quest for the right exposure.
So, we decided to find out where the beauty industry is congregating. [...]

Women pay lip service to economic theory

The lipstick effect is a much-vaunted consumer theory that supposes that in hard times, when money is tight, women cut back on big splurges and treat themselves to little luxuries, such as lipstick. However, according to a report published last week by Mintel, for the modern woman, a splash of lippy just won’t cut it. [...]