Product review: Fill in the gaps

By Nadira V Persaud

I’m never one to harp on about cosmetic surgery or artificial beauty procedures, though I can’t help but be impressed by Evolence, a new and exciting collagen-based injection, which achieves a youthful appearance, immediately.

The results are, to be honest, so natural and so subtle you may think, why bother?

Specialists describe Evolence, which is FDA Approved, as “more than a filler, it’s structural building of the skin as it once was.” This new technology defies the myths of surgery and non-surgical procedures as it works with your body and encourages collagen, therefore appears as natural, youthful beauty.

The collagen injections are so safe with low impact to the skin because collagen is natural to our bodies and acts as a replacement to the effects of ageing. And unlike most non-surgical injections, Evolence proves little or more commonly, no signs of bruising or swelling.

It’s the ideal solution if you were to nip out during your lunch hour or after work before a quick catch-up with girlfriends; they’ll be secretly jealous, but they won’t be too sure why. The procedure not only assists with significantly maintaining youthful skin, but additionally nose and lip shaping or acne scarring, which will last up to 12 months, whereas other “fillers” last only 4-6 months.

Nadira V Persaud aka Nadira Make Up Mistress is a leading international make-up artist. Her clients include Wonderbra, Adidas, Marie Claire and Grazia.

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  1. #1 moneypenny
    on May 26th, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    ouch needles…although it sounds alot healthier than troutface botox, still involves needles…eek!

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