Posts from ‘August, 2009’

The Secret to good tips at the basin

Have you ever thought why some assistants get better tips for washing hair than others? - even in one and the same salon using the same products on the same clients. What is the secret behind it?
The human head is the power station of the body and the hair – its antennas. As a result [...]

Professional Beauty magazine Live comes to Manchester show

Jason Shankey, Andy Rouillard, Gill Morris of GMT-Tec and Kirsty Jewson of Saks will all take to the stage at this year’s Professional Beauty Manchester show. The two-day seminar programme at the show is for the first time being run by Professional Beauty magazine, and will bring to life all of the contributors and content [...]

Going To Extremes - all you need to know about male waxing

I’m Kim Lawless, aka The Wax Queen and one craze I’m known for and considered an expert at is Extreme Waxing for men.   Yep, guys from your local bank manager to the bloke cleaning your windows are all getting it done.  And you know what?  They don’t care who knows it.  In fact, they’re quite [...]