Going To Extremes - all you need to know about male waxing

I’m Kim Lawless, aka The Wax Queen and one craze I’m known for and considered an expert at is Extreme Waxing for men.   Yep, guys from your local bank manager to the bloke cleaning your windows are all getting it done.  And you know what?  They don’t care who knows it.  In fact, they’re quite proud.  Two years ago, it would have been their little secret but not anymore.  Some wear it as a badge of honour as it shows they take pride in themselves, it shows they’re sexy and it shows they’ve got guts.

So are more and more men waxing?
Hell yeah!   Men’s waxing  is growing at a rapid rate and it’s BIG business.  A business that I take very seriously.  I take it so seriously that I spent years developing my own technique which I now train other waxing professionals to use.  A business that I take so seriously that I’m the only wax pro in the UK who really does just wax on a day to day basis.  I don’t do massage, pedicures etc, I wax wax wax.  And when I’m not waxing my clients, I’m teaching other professionals to wax their clients and start their very own waxing empire.

When do you think this trend really kicked off?
About 2 years ago, after the ‘does David Beckham wax ’  mystery began. For many years men shaved or clippered, but they only provide minimal results for up to two or three days, which can be a real chore to maintain. Aside from that, it feels and looks unattractive.  Waxing provides smoothness for up to two to three weeks and if you’re lucky, it can reduce hair growth over time. 

What kind of waxing do guys tend to go for?
The most popular waxes on my service menu are The Sunga and The Miami, otherwise known as the Back, Sac & Crack.  98% of my clients are men and they all start off with one of my Extreme Waxing treatments.  They then go on to add more and more body parts and about 20% of the men go on to have regular Full Body waxes.  I’ve created different names for the various waxing treatments to make them sound less intimidating and if I’m honest, it stopped the calls from the heavy breathers in one fail swoop.  Now when they start to be too graphic or ask too many questions, I politely direct them to my website ‘where all your questions will be answered’.   For women, a Brazilan or Hollywood wax means removing most or all of the hair, while most men still prefer to leave some and make it look well-groomed and masculine looking.   Men also say how their girlfriend/wife enjoys the smoothness and how it makes them feel more confident with their body.  It also creates a bit of an optical illusion in the size department which is a winner every time.

So how many men are really having this done?
Unlike women’s waxing, men’s waxing isn’t seasonal.  Once they find a waxer that they know does a great job, they’re very loyal and will travel hours and many miles to get it done on a regular basis.  Unlike women, men don’t go for convenience, they go for skill.  After all, they’re putting their most treasured possessions in the hands of a stranger.  Some guys travel from other cities and counties just to get their waxing done.  I have one client who lives in Monaco and arranges his waxing appointment with me for the 24hrs that he’s in London for a meeting.   The great thing for me is that the more waxers I train, the more cities I can re-direct clients to when I’m fully booked.  Most salons and are still behind the waxing trend with women’s waxing, let alone men’s waxing, which has made it extremely difficult for men to keep up with their grooming maintenance.  There are a lot of new places that do men’s waxing but the reality is that they don’t know how to do it properly and cause much trauma and pain for their client.  Most salons have a very limited service menu, offering just back and chest waxes.  If you want to wax men, you need to be able to wax the whole body, otherwise they’ll find someone who will.  Men’s waxing is very lucrative but they’re not stupid, they won’t just go to their local salon.  They want to make sure that their waxer has had good training and really knows what they’re doing.    Many of my clients tell me how they researched the subject for about a year before they took the plunge.

And this is both gay and straight men?
The biggest myth around men’s waxing is that they’re all gay.  That couldn’t be further from the truth. Almost all of my clients are straight guys………married and single.  But hey, does it really matter and who cares!

Gay men have always been ahead of the game when it comes to grooming.   They’ve been waxing, clippering and keeping well groomed for many years. The recent waxing trend is certainly increasing among straight men and I predict that in five years, more men will be getting waxed on a regular basis than women.

What do you think is the appeal for men in having Extreme Waxing?
It makes them feel incredibly sexy and appealing to the ladies, not to mention a clean and cool feeling.   I think that most of them start waxing initially because it heightens sensitivity.  However, this is quickly taken over by the reason of cleanliness and comfort.
Kim Lawless ‘The Wax Queen’ is an expert and trainer in the field of waxing, in particular Extreme Waxing for men and woman.  She runs courses right through from Absolute Beginners to Extreme Waxing for men and women.  To see what she does, visit her site www.thewaxqueen.co.uk or telephone her direct on 07739 832 328

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