The Secret to good tips at the basin

Have you ever thought why some assistants get better tips for washing hair than others? - even in one and the same salon using the same products on the same clients. What is the secret behind it?

The human head is the power station of the body and the hair – its antennas. As a result of stress, problems, sickness or dramatic changes in life, the hair falls in patches and the head forms bumps and hollows which sometimes are extremely painful.

Back in time the German physicist Franz Gall developed a science called phrenology which gives detailed charts of the human head and their links to the different aspects of personality. While we still don’t know whether the chart is accurate, our current equipment confirmed that the various parts of the brain are indeed responsible for different functions: The forehead brain deals with the ability to plan ahead and, if imbalanced, the person will experience confusion and perplexity. The Cerebrum deals with present issues and imbalances can cause problems with perception, interpretation and emotional confusion etc. Recently another German scientist Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, internist and originator of German New Medicine published his research in this area. He analyzed thousands of brain scans and established that every disease – from cold to cancer - is initiated by an unexpected conflict shock and this shock affects simultaneously the brain and the corresponding organ. Every worry, anger, unexpected conflict or insult results in change of the energy of the head which can be seen as set of sharp target rings in the brain scans. The hair above these problem areas is sick, fragile and falls easily.

The Crown, Brow and the throat energy centres – chakras are also powered by the head and ultimately the pituitary gland (hypophysis) and pineal gland (epiphysis), which are linked to the heart centre and control our dualistic nature – material vs. spiritual, feminine vs. masculine, intuitive vs. logical.
So the secret behind good hair wash is in the hands of the assistants and the massage techniques used. No other massage can achieve what good scalp massage can – total calmness and feeling of peace. When applied properly it also relieves tension and pain, eyestrain and headaches as well as improves of the blood flow to head and neck. And this is what makes the clients happy at the basin, not so much the actual products!

Try it and see!

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