Say ‘Hello’ to Lily Lolo

If there was a beauty award for the biggest fan of mineral make up, I think I would the out and out winner and in my speech would be the words, ‘it’s all thanks to Lily Lolo’. 

Lily Lolo is a leading mineral brand which already includes a spectrum of shades of foundation to the highest quality and is fast becoming a must-have item for many top make-up artists and beauty experts.  So take note as mineral make-up is here to stay and Lily Lolo prides itself on being one of the only 100% pure brands on the market.  It is so pure it can help improve the quality of skin as it does not clog the pores.  One of Lily Lolo’s biggest fans is my client, Nicky Hambleton-Jones who refuses to use anything else!

The loose powder foundations, eye colours and blush may seem all a bit of a mess but there is one technique to remember for all, and especially the foundation, - start by tapping out a small amount into the lid, then swirl the powder with a large powder brush or Lily Lolo kabuki brush.  Tap the brush on the side of the lid, to remove excess powder, and then apply to forehead, down the nose and outwards in a swirling motion.  This ensures an even finish and works with your natural oils to hold the foundation for a longer lasting finish.

The powder is so refined it would be hard to over apply; therefore you can keep applying till all imperfections have been deleted.

The most recent addition to Lily Lolo are the lip glosses in 8 sumptuous shades.  The range caters for cool and warm complexions such as Raspberry Crush and Skinny Latte.   Click on  to see more.

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