10 things you need to do to survive the recession!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me. We held a very productive Work Party with a group of Saks franchisees with regards to reviewing the IPL business and how we can take it forward. Lots of exciting ideas and plans there that should keep me busy for a while!

I’ve been driving the new Saks Advanced Beauty offering too, which we launched at pilot sites earlier in the summer and are now planning to roll out to more salons. So I’ve been meeting franchisees keen to take on the fantastic new service.

And we’ve got more group meetings coming up to launch the 2010 national beauty campaign to the network. So busy, busy!

And of course, I’m planning my seminar for this weekend at Professional Beauty Manchester, Sunday 11th October at 2.15pm! I thought you’d like a taster of what I’ll be talking about, so here you go: We’ll be looking at how you can counteract any effects the downturn might be having on your business. The recession is an uncertain time and I think it’s important to prepare yourself for any shortfalls. So I’ll be telling you about the various areas of your business you can look at, how to tighten your belts, that sort of thing.

Whether it’s speaking to your landlord about rent reductions or shopping around for better insurance premiums. Being more vigilant with stock budgets and doing more regular stock checks. Understanding what your breakeven is and checking it weekly so any shortfalls can be quickly rectified. Trying to get a better deal for advertising – fewer businesses are advertising so you’ve got more bargaining power! Improving your customer care – clients will shop around so make sure when they choose you that they get the red carpet treatment so they come back again and again. Micro manage your staff – set daily rather than weekly targets so they’re constantly motivated to do better and sell more.

I’ll be going in to lots more detail on all these areas, and others, so that I hope you’ll leave brimming with some great ideas to take back to your salon.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Kirsty Jewson, Head of Saks Beauty.

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