Celebrity Diets Are A Disaster

Celebrity magazines such as Heat, Grazia and Look are successful because no matter how hard you try, you just HAVE to have a peek between the pages. Even men (yes, me too – I confess) can’t resist flicking through the pages gawping at the latest pictures of Kelly Brook on the beach, Angelina Jolie out shopping or Jennifer Aniston looking skinny.

I’ve noticed that a staple part of these magazines are their reporting of the diets that celebrities are trying out. Weight loss is an important topic for many, many women and I’ve often wondered whether celebrity diets work and how the average woman on the street feels about such extreme measures for staying thin.

So it was interesting to discover that over half of the women we polled in a survey on celebrity diets said they had tried one. The really interesting info that emerged was that three out of five of the women we asked said that the diets didn’t work!

We did the survey as part of the new series of MyFaceMyBody TV show because we believed that the explosion of celebrity culture means that more people are ignoring doctor’s advice and going to more extreme lengths to achieve their desired look. We’ve all heard of Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton’s baby food diet. Then there was Beyonce’s maple syrup diet and Liz Hurley eating on a nursery plate using children’s cutlery. Crazy!

It was therefore a relief to discover that the British female retains a sense of perspective and sense when it comes to reading about the lengths some celebs go to to ensure their red carpet pics don’t end up in the Hall of Shame.

People aren’t stupid, and the fact that 63% of people we spoke to said that celebrity diets were rubbish shows that they take what they read in magazines such as Heat with a large dose of salt.

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