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The new CSR has arrived: Friday, 29 May 2009

New perspective on corporate social responsibility: my office mate Björn has today come up with a truly revolutionary suggestion for a new generation of e-mail signatures. Help to roll this out and it could increase productivity in offices around the world by anything between 5% and 500%!
Click on the image for a larger version if your [...]

Airline troubles in figures

Yes, yes, yes, airline passenger numbers have come down in the wake of the current recession – almost everyone has heard about it and it’s pretty obvious at the airports anyway. Mainly from the shorter queues everywhere.
But when I went from Frankfurt to London last Tuesday, and back home the day after, I still was [...]

Still lifes – industrial food turned art, part I

The teenager’s ketchup on a winter’s morning (14.5×11 cm, digital photography)


Spotted on flickr!

A quick glance at global consumer confidence

Oh no! Almost forgot to tell you that I recently flicked through the latest global consumer confidence overview from Nielsen. Covering a total of 50 markets around the world, the report is released twice a year and the latest issue is based on surveys carried out in the period from 19 March – 2 April [...]

Green shoots but no summer: Global downturn “moderating” (OECD), “bottoming out” (Trichet).

According to a statement at the beginning of this week from Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), the global recession has bottomed out, with some of the world’s largest economies already returning to growth. And interestingly, Mr Trichet wasn’t just speaking for the ECB but on behalf of the world’s leading central [...]

The Green Shot Mystery

It’s all over the news now: someone has spotted green shots, and is very happy about it! But what exactly does it mean?
If you do a picture search on Google, what you find is this:

…so I’m still not sure whether or not this is a good thing. Or was it green shoots?
I agree many [...]

A detailed summary of last week’s World Retail Congress…

…in Barcelona, comprising three daily special editions plus many additional reports as well as some pictures and a blog by Tim Danaher…. is available from Retail Week!

Barcelunatic! - Letters from the WRC, part III

It was amazing. When I arrived at the World Retail Congress site today, at least four people asked me: “Did you hear that scream last night?”
Oh yes, I did.
10:33 pm, I was sitting over dinner with a group of Russians when Barca scored in injury time to eliminate Chelsea from the UEFA Champions League. The [...]

Barcelunatic! – Letters from the WRC, part II

Interesting look at how the world economy is doing and where it is going in yesterday’s second session, titled “Survival of the Fittest: Lessons from the Global Economic Crisis”.

Very charmingly moderated by British Lord Alan Watson, who was extremely well-informed about current developments and also prove he is a real Lord by quoting Churchill [...]

Barcelunatic! - Letters from the WRC, part I

Ouch, my feet. 10 hours of store visits in Barcelona yesterday, one day before the World Retail Congress is kicking off today. No taxi, no bus, no metro.
I believe Michael Ballack did 11 kilometres before he was taken off in Barcelona last week. I did much more than Ballack but Pep Guardiola wasn’t even there [...]