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The 2010 emerging markets summer competition (letters no. 8 and 11)

After starting with a country, a company and a person, the second half of this summer riddle begins with the search for an organisation. It’s a really famous one so finding the answer should be easy!

A good weekend to everyone. For those who haven’t found the solution yet: there are two more parts to follow, [...]

The 2010 emerging markets summer competition (letters no. 2 and 10)

After looking for a country in the first part of this riddle and for a company in the second, today we’re looking for a person.

All the best of luck!

The 2010 emerging markets summer competition (letters no. 4 and 13)

Today, we’re looking for a company with an impressive track record of selling both groceries and non-food in a large number of emerging markets. Here are today’s hints:
For those familiar with what we’re looking for, things are getting relatively obvious now, aren’t they?
Have a good weekend.

The 2010 emerging markets summer competition (letters no. 5 and 7)

Today, we’re looking for a country. Here are some useful hints & good wishes:

Someone extremely well-informed might find the solution today. Good luck!

The 2010 emerging markets summer competition (intro)

Although this blog will be resting for three weeks as far as dull summaries of economic trends are concerned, no-one is even thinking about closing this space completely.
So you can look forward to an emerging market riddle in six parts, and the more people e-mail the correct answer to me the happier I’ll be. The [...]

IMF says recovery will continue while highlighting some risks

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) yesterday gave its latest set of forecasts of where the world economy might go, saying that the current recovery process is likely to continue although “renewed financial turbulence and euro area problems cloud the outlook”. That’s the core statement.
In addition to the couple of troubles mentioned above, one might also [...]

The world’s driest cash dispenser deserts

There’s a brand new database from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), designed to warn stylish women of the world’s most dangerous shopping deserts. Places with virtually no cash dispensers at all, and hardy a single bank branch available within an area of 1,000 square kilometres! Places such as Botswana, Laos and Afghanistan.
In addition, this very [...]