The power of social change - off to Lisbon

Here are a couple of charts highlighting the dynamics of social change in Western Europe - and we’re looking at fast-ageing societies indeed (as always, you can click on the charts to see larger versions of them).




These ageing societies will inevitably lead to smaller households and higher levels of income redistribution. The latter will in turn lead to falling average incomes; more people living in smaller flats (with less storage room); lower car ownership rates; and perhaps new cultural priorities in consumption even in price-focused Germany (with decent numbers of people travelling less but eating better to make up for it?). I think we can see it coming, and it already seems all of this is triggering a shift in retail investment away from hypermarkets and towards residential formats.


In more detail, some thoughts on the demographic change as well as potential consequences for retail (plus a number of other big trends that will change European retail), will be presented by my humble coffee-addicted self at the inRetail Congress in Lisbon next week.


Looking forward to everyone saying hello at the venue!


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