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IMF: World economy in “dangerous new phase”

In its latest World Economic Outlook titled Slowing Growth, Rising Risks, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is warning that the global economy is “in a dangerous new phase”. Growth forecasts are being cut for virtually all major economies, and especially for the world’s advanced nations.
Yet, it is worth highlighting that the IMF does not [...]

IMF prepares to find next recession less surprising

As a fragile world economic recovery continues (watch this space for a new global economic update in early May), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has announced that it will step up its global economic monitoring role “to help countries anticipate looming problems and take early action to avoid future crises”.
The move highlights the organisation’s openness [...]

UK inflation at 4% - but interest rate hikes won’t help

Annual consumer price inflation in the UK has hit the 4.0% mark in January this year, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has told us – up from 3.7% in December. This compares with a target rate of just 2%. The news made good headlines and triggered calls in some quarters for higher interest rates [...]

Creepers and sprinters - the 2011 outlook

Had a good break? OK, good. A very happy new year to you, and thanks to those who contributed to this week’s informal survey with some very interesting feedback!
So, how good will 2011 be economically?
The world economy will continue to be shaped by a two-speed recovery this year.  Growth can be expected to remain [...]

Recovery faster than expected (IMF says) but risks ahead

In the latest edition of its World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has this week stated that the global economy “is recovering from the global crisis better than expected”. However, the organisation sees activity reviving at different speeds in different parts of the world. Plus it warns of certain stability risks ahead and [...]

German-Swiss disputes on fight against tax evasion

Honestly, I had an interesting Sunday morning over the papers yesterday, looking at the latest German-Swiss tax evasion disputes, and comparing the German coverage of it all with reports and comments from Switzerland.
To cut a long story short, there’s a long history of wealthy Germans (and people from elsewhere) putting money in Swiss bank accounts, [...]

UN climate change summit triggers insecurity

The United Nation’s two-week summit on climate change issues in Copenhagen is over, and the thin results have disappointed many, not least because there is such a sharp contrast with the high hopes that the event had been burdoned with. But were the high hopes ever justified? And what’s going to happen next?
The UN summit on [...]

Bizarre things that you can spend five minutes on

For a moment, I thought my ear seal had dematerialised. It fell off my headset when I tried to answer the telephone in a rush this morning, and then it was gone. Not under my desk, apparently. But not on my desk either, not behind the keyboard, not behind the telephone.

Even though I’m yet [...]

Hail of bullet points from the G20 meeting (takes four minutes to read with good brain doping)

Hi there,
Following last Friday’s meeting in Pittsburgh, USA, where the G20 state leaders met to discuss (and agree on) guidelines for the future architecture of the world economy, it’s time to look back and ask a couple of simple questions: What were the main agreements and what can we expect to happen next?
The meeting came [...]

US federal minimum wage up 10.7% today - economic stimulus or job killer?

With effect from today, the federal minimum wage in the US is rising to USD7.25 per hour, up from the previous level of USD6.55, and up from USD5.15 in 2007. This is the third annual increase in a row, and those on minimum wage now earn 40% more than they used to in 2007.
Today’s 10.7% [...]