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A decade of stagnation for southern Europe?

A new working paper from Hans-Werner Sinn, President of the Germany-based Ifo Institute for Economic Research, takes a close look at the lack of competitiveness that continues to plague the southern Euro area and France. The paper contains bad news – essentially stating that the Euro crisis has calmed down at first glance only, while [...]

Euro area retail still on 2005 level

Eurostat, the European Union’s statistics body, has one of the most complicated web addresses in the world, which means its site is essentially accessible via Google only to anyone unable to remember strings like But once you’ve got through, you’ll find the latest update on European retail sales.
In September, Euro area sales fell [...]

The last price level stats

Quick interim update: as promised, here are the Eurostat price level statistics missing from last time! As always, you can click on the charts to see larger versions…



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The cost of living: food, drink & tobacco

New figures are out from Eurostat, comparing the cost of consumer goods and services across a total of 37 European countries.
According to the tables, the most expensive places are Switzerland (with a price level at 162% of the EU average), Norway (151%) and Denmark (142%), while the cheapest countries surveyed are Macedonia (45%), Albania [...]

Doing my bit to support the PIIGS

Annual inflation in the Euro area fell slightly to 2.6% in April, according to Eurostat, coming down from 2.7% in March. A year earlier inflation had been 2.8%, and what this tells us is that while there clearly is a slight downward trend, inflation continues to be well above the official ECB target of ‘below [...]

Repair or break up - the Euro area & new IMF forecasts

In its recently-published World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has painted a slightly brighter picture of the world economy; however it has also warned again that optimism should remain tempered as “most advanced economies still face major brakes on growth”.
The IMF now expects the world economy to grow by 3.5% in real terms [...]

Euro area: can we afford such youth unemployment?

For the first time since records began 14 years ago, in February there were more than 17 million unemployed people in the 17 countries that today form the Euro area. This corresponded to an unemployment rate of 10.8%, up from 10.0% a year earlier. The lowest official rates have been posted by Austria (4.2%), the [...]

Looking forward to Lisbon

Spending the afternoon on the finishing touches for a presentation I’m going to deliver at the modern retail conference of Portugal’s retail association APED next week Tuesday, 17 Jan. Will speak on economic and retail trends across Europe that may or may not affect Portugal, at a conference that will be all about how to [...]