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The cost of living: food, drink & tobacco

New figures are out from Eurostat, comparing the cost of consumer goods and services across a total of 37 European countries.
According to the tables, the most expensive places are Switzerland (with a price level at 162% of the EU average), Norway (151%) and Denmark (142%), while the cheapest countries surveyed are Macedonia (45%), Albania [...]

Playing with charts

By Tatjana Wolff and Boris Planer

A couple of weeks ago when working on a short article on retailing in the Euro area, we were sitting in front of that very simple data set of real GDP growth rates from 2005 - 2015, looking at how the troubled economies were doing of the countries that [...]

Fields of green - backward data revisions in a chart

Going through the latest updates of economic data series from the IMF some days ago, I thought: wouldn’t it be nice to look at where the autumn data have changed compared with the spring update from half a year ago! Because…
…well, the comparison has been inspired by those who keep asking when our macroeconomic database [...]