No One-way Systems in Cities of the Future

Just been in to hear Sir Terry Farrell showcasing some Cities of the Future in the Civils Forum, which was packed. That man has vision – and it knows no boundaries. He is a complete advocate of joined up thinking, where architect, civil engineer, traffic engineer and town planner have a shared design and work together from the outset, rather than expecting each person to come in and perform their role, making their best guesses and picking up the pieces from the last person. Probably every visitor and exhibitor at Civils could cite an example of how not to do it!

His vision for Docklands is to rejoin both sides through eight simple low bridges instead of treating the place like a dockyard (which it no longer is) by connecting it with what is effectively a high rise motorway. Docklands was planned around the river - but it is people that make a place. Similarly one way systems might work for the traffic – but they are not the pedestrian’s friend. The danger posed by the fast-moving traffic results in railings and then underground passes, killing the soul of a city.

You can view Sir Terry interviewed by New Civil Engineer here.


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