We need Energy Diversity

Sparks flew at yesterday’s Civils Debate on Short Haul Flights vs High Speed Rail and I thought the energy debate had the potential to be every bit as contentious. Disarmingly though the panel of Piers Clark from Mouchel, Philip Wolfe of the Renewable Energy Association, Tom Delay of the Carbon Trust and Keith Parker of the Nuclear Industries Association were all very quick to agree that this country needs a diversified energy policy. Nuclear, Renewables and Carbon Capture each have their role to play in our future energy policy. They also agreed that we really need to get on with developing these technologies to meet carbon emissions targets and secure the country’s future energy needs. Government needs to clear away some of the planning obstacles that slow things down so much at present. I felt very reassured that we can meet the need for a sustainable energy policy and proud that civil engineers have a big role to play in making it happen.

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