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Are you Linked-In?

Are you a member of the Civils Group on the business networking site Linked In? Linked In is a great way to establish and grow your contacts. If you are already registered on Linked In, it only takes a couple of clicks to join the growing Civils Group. If you are not a member, it’s [...]

Civils Up While Construction Overall Continues to Stuggle

As if any further confirmation were needed, the latest figures from Glenigan show that while the construction sector as a whole is truly suffering in the recession, Civils projects are substantially bucking that trend with an amazing 39% uplift in project starts compared to this time last year. That is very encouraging news, especially when [...]

NDA nominates 4 sites for new nuclear power “by 2025″

Personally, I am delighted to hear the NDA has nominated four sites for new nuclear power stations in the UK. Nobody wants a nuclear power station in their back yard, but we need them. Fossil fuels are burning up fast, and as the Energy debate at Civils clearly showed, we need to get on and [...]

Crossrail Kicks off 2009

Among the reasons 12% more visitors came to Civils 2008 than the year before were the great mix of exhibitors, the conference, seminars and the overall networking opportunities. That said, there is no denying that major projects exhibitors drew the crowds, with Crossrail being one of the biggest and most popular.
Hailed by Gordon Brown as [...]

New Year New Hopes for Civil Engineering

So it’s January 2009 now and we’ve all been back at work for at least a week. I hope you were able to have a relaxing time over Christmas and New Year, because it sure looks like it’s going to be a really tough year in 2009. If people were being gloomy about the economy [...]

No One-way Systems in Cities of the Future

Just been in to hear Sir Terry Farrell showcasing some Cities of the Future in the Civils Forum, which was packed. That man has vision – and it knows no boundaries. He is a complete advocate of joined up thinking, where architect, civil engineer, traffic engineer and town planner have a shared design and work [...]