Dyson invents environmentally-friendly fan

British inventor Sir James Dyson has launched a bladeless environmentally-friendly fan which he hopes will replace air conditioning.

The designer, famous for the invention of the bagless vacuum cleaner and the airblade hand dryer, said his fan stops the “turbulent buffeting” of desk fans, replacing it with a constant air flow “like a breeze”.

The fan will be priced from £199 and is claimed to use a 50th of the electricity of an air conditioning unit. Sir Dyson said: “If only we could open a window and use a fan then we would be saving a huge amount of electricity, and stopping the emission of HFCs and also having a much healthier environment. There’s just as much air flow, and just as much speed, but it’s comfortable to be in front of it.”

The fan, which spent three years in development and a year in production, also oscillates and comes with a dimmer switch to adjust its power. I personally am a longtime Dyson fan and will check it out - though I have yet to spring for one of his vacuum cleaners. He had one of the best stands at Ecobuild last year.

The Dyson website is currently down, presumably because of too much traffic coming off the back of this announcement.

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  1. Infinite speed control is a God-send, how many other fans have this feature? Looks is futuristic & apart from Vornado fans, this is the ONLY fan that I allow to be in my all-stainless steel kitchen. This looks cooler than the Vornado design too. Price is definitely expensive but you can’t deny that this fan is very futuristic - like the iPhone.

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