Copenhagen digest 21/12/09: Final thoughts

‘The accord delivered by the Copenhagen climate talks is hardly far-reaching’ but is ‘better than nothing’, states The Economist, quoting UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon as saying: ‘Many will say it lacks ambition’.

Gordon Brown has said ‘a new global body dedicated to environmental stewardship is needed’ in order to prevent the deadlock which ‘undermined the Copenhagen climate change summit’, The Times reports. British Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband apparently blames the lacks of a legally binding treaty’ on an ‘impossible resistance from a small number of developing countries, including China’.

Barack Obama has described the climate change pact as ‘a great step forward’ according to the Guardian, adding that he believed the talks amounted to an ‘important breakthrough’, which laid the foundation for international action in the years to come.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was widely regarded as one of the conference’s most impressive orators. His speech claimed ‘national agreements’ will never do enough. Real progress comes at the sub-national level – the ‘iconoclast and individual citizen’.

Tom Schueneman at the TriplePundit blog feels only disappointment: ‘I am disappointed in the political posturing… I am disappointed in the process… I am disappointed in the activist NGOs… I am disappointed in the Copenhagen Accord… I am disappointed in myself (and in you)

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