FootprintWire 7.2.12

First turbines for largest wind farm

First turbines for Thames Estuary wind farm erected

FootprintWire 6.2.12

Green week, events all this week in London

Central St Martins launch green events week, starting today

FootprintWire 3.2.12

Energy consumption of every block in New York

Block by block interactive map of New York City’s energy consumption

FootprintWire 2.2.12

Diagram on page 15 of the report

Defra’s latest findings on climate change

FootprintWire 1.2.12

SGL Projekt's Stork Nest Farm

Czech Republic architects build giant stork nest

FootprintWire 31.1.12

Trees under threat (c) The Guardian

Photographs of giant trees from around the world

FootprintWire 30.1.12

Aerial image of the Amazon Rainforest

Video of Amazon rainforest’s biodiversity

FootprintWire 27.1.12

Billion euro house by the artist Frank Buckley

Irish house made from decommissioned Euro notes

FootprintWire 26.1.12

Northern Lights across the UK

FootprintWire 25.1.12

Proposed Green Leaf town in Bangladesh.

Three Toronto practices to design garden city in Bangladesh