World Architecture Festival is nearly upon us

World Architecture Festival is nearly upon us, and with just a few days to go, we are all very excited about this year’s event, our spin-off show’ Inside: World Festival of Interiors’ which takes place in the same venue at the same time, and the fact that we have made it to the the fourth year of an event we launched in 2008 - just as the world economy took a dive.

Of course even if things are tough in many places, they are not tough everywhere. To some extent this year’s entries, the most since 2008, reflect changes in financial health and some long-term rebalancing of world economic structures.

But it is worth remembering that even in hard times, there are tens of thousands of buildings created every year, and WAF only touches the surface of that quantum. The good news, however, is the quality of what we see, and the fact that nearly 300 architects and designers will be coming to Barcelona to present really fine work is testimony to the resilience of the international profession.
So if you were wondering whether to come along, don’t hesitate. We have a rich layer cake of events, parties, talks and award entry presentations, something for every appetite.

For those of you already committed, we look forward to seeing you next week. you should have some good tales about architectural talent to take home.

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