Flying the flag for stores

With so much coverage and talk about the future of retail being online, it is easy to imagine that the physical store is no longer interesting or exciting enough for today’s consumers. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. How can it be when London has just seen 2 major stores opened by Victoria’s [...]

An Olympic appeal

With just four weeks to go now until the World Retail Congress meets in London, the Olympic capital, there is plenty to reflect on about the effects these fantastic Games have had. In fact, it is not over by any means as the Paralympic Games begin in a week’s time. As the baton is passed [...]

The sustainable retail future

Over the last two weeks, London has been basking in the joy of an enthralling, efficient, friendly and successful Olympic Games. The UK Government has been taking advantage of the influx of leading business and political heads for the London Olympics by hosting a series of industry days. Today was the turn of retail, food [...]

A tale of two countries

With London hosting so many political and business leaders over the next few weeks as the Olympics begin, it was not surprising that China is well represented. A few days ago, the influential China Entrepreneur Club, which was created by many of the country’s business leaders, arrived in the City for meetings, study tours, discussions [...]

A question of service

When economic times are as challenging and unpredictable as they are today - in all markets - it is tempting for retailers to pin all the blame for poor trading on these external factors. Most retailers, most of the time, will always say they have little influence on the macro picture so you just have [...]

Can London’s retail scale Olympic heights?

With the start of the Olympics now less than 20 days away, London is beginning to get the distinct feeling of excitement and trepidation in equal measure. As the venues have all reached completion and the signage begins to appear around the Capital the focus in recent weeks has turned to preparing Londoners for the [...]

Knowing your enemy

It has been an interesting few days in UK retail with a range of announcements and stories that seem to underline the challenges being faced by retailers just about everywhere around the world.

Firstly, with official Government statistics underlining the sheer pain being felt by retailers with April’s retail sales numbers for the month down by [...]

Online and on your marks

Make no mistake, this has to be one of the toughest times to be a retailer. With markets and consumer confidence still volatile, all retailers really needed was for the spring weather to fail to materialise. That is what has happened across much of Europe and beyond. In the UK, the government declared that the [...]

Thinking small about the big picture

No-one ever claimed that pursuing an international growth strategy was an easy path. In recent weeks there have been a growing number of retailers who can testify to that having found themselves in the spotlight for the varying degrees of success of failure in their international businesses. In the UK, the number one retailer, Tesco, [...]

Putting the customer at the centre of everything

It never ceases to amaze me the extent of the coverage the retail sector receives in the media. This is probably down to many reasons, not least of which is that everyone shops at some point and therefore has a view on who they like and who they don’t. Retail is also the most obvious [...]