Posts from ‘September, 2009’

Time for something new

Having just returned from the United States, it was interesting to contrast the differing views prevalent amongst retailers there. The official figures don’t help much in giving an accurate take on what is happening. On the one hand, the economy is moving out of recession but at a huge cost - not just to jobs [...]

India’s step change

Today saw the opening of the annual India Retail Forum here in Mumbai. And its already been a fascinating few hours, for no other reason than to listen to a business sector that appears chastened and shocked still by the downturn that affected them since the collapse of Lehmans exactly a year ago. Many retailers around the world enjoyed [...]

The shape of recovery

The news here in the UK has been dominated in the last couple of days by the declaration from economists that the recession is over. Ignoring the fact that many people believe the economists have little credibility left after failing to see the severity of the downturn in the first place, it seems that the [...]