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Sainsbury’s Tackling Organic Waste with PDM

I thought some of yesterday’s seminars were busy, but such was in the interest in Powering the Future through Food that they were standing in the aisles to hear this one. Philip Simpson, Commercial Driector of PDM group and Dave Timson of Sainsbury’s took us through what the retailer is doing to achieve its target [...]

Asda Sets Out Recycling Stall at RWM

Retailers are too often soft targets for criticism in my humble opinion. We blame them for many of our problems from ruining farmers to giving us too many plastic bags. Are they really solely to blame for these issues or are they just giving us “what the customer wants” ? (For customer read YOU AND [...]

Bin Heaven!

“Kid in a sweet shop” is a term that springs to mind when watching waste or facilities managers exploring the latest bin and container ranges at RWM! There surely can’t be a larger selection exhibited anywhere in the UK…. underground, overground, glow in the dark, designer - whether you are looking at wheeled bins for [...]

Tories Target Waste and Recycling Agenda?

This week Tory think tank Policy Exchange made a grab for the recycling and waste management political agenda with the launch of its report “A Wasted Opportunity”.
Whatever you make of it, it’s good to see recycling and waste management rising up the political agenda ahead of the coming election. I certainly think there are votes [...]

Food Waste Top of the Menu

We all have waste food. I have young children and it saddens me to see the amount of our food that goes to waste. But leftovers and unsellable food is clearly a major waste stream for the catering industry. It’s an issue for retailers too with out of date stock, fridge failures and product recalls [...]

Plastics Industry Raises Packaging Recycling Bar

A sign of how recycling and waste management is becoming fundamental to UK industry and society came with the launch of the Plastics 2020 Challenge this week, underwritten by the British Plastics Federation (BPF), PlasticsEurope and the Packaging and Films Association.
It’s a shrewd lobbying move by them and a bold attempt to reposition plastics from [...]

Battery Warning – Awareness Running Low

Are you powered up with the Battery Regulations? Take our quick test and see how you do….answers at the end but no cheating!

When did the battery regulations come into force?
What is the volume threshold for battery producers to join a battery compliance scheme - 1 tonne. 10 tonnes or 100 tonnes?
It is against the law [...]

Free RWM Seminars to Arm You For Recession

In these difficult times all businesses are concerned with cutting costs, improving efficiency and staying ahead of the competition. So we’ve been ensuring there is plentiful advice along these lines by lining up speakers for the free RWM seminars.
This year there will be 36 sessions to choose from split across three dedicated seminar theatres. [...]

Putting Packaging in Perspective

Over the last week the RWM team have been debating the problem of packaging waste. It was a central focus of MRW’s recent Recycling Retail Waste Conference and then coincidentally the subject of this week’s ITV Tonight programme (What a Waste).
Unnecessary packaging gets most of us ranting - and shopping in supermarkets means you inevitably [...]

RWM Towers Get Ready for Christmas

Well Christmas is nearly upon us. The new RWM website is live and now the focus is on the seminar programme. With the many resources in Emap’s portfolio we have some good options. We will be attending the MRW Recycling Retail Waste Conference in February to network and get some ideas. They have some great speakers [...]