Harping back to the good old days with the Penny Bazaar

You could be mistaken for thinking that the most recent M&S ad to hit our HD screens was actually a Sainsbury’s ad. Both retailers have decided to remind us how long they’ve been around and how they have had such a huge influence in shaping today’s society. I mean, where would we be without the introduction of the avocado to our supermarket shelves? Lost, I tell you lost! I for one am particularly grateful for the wide availability of the most fatty food on earth, all good fats though, all good. Nice with prawns too. Anyway, M&S seem to have gained a competitive advantage over Sainsbury’s by taking the olden day thing one step further and have introduced the return of the Penny Bazaar. Two million items will be up for grabs for just 1p each – 1p I hear you cry? Yes 1p! Items are set to include jewellery, beach balls and most excitingly, knickers. A fantastic way to bring scavengers in to your store! I’m sure this will be a huge success for M&S if the media coverage is anything to go by. A Bravo! to M&S for another genius bit of self promotion. They do seem to get it right with their promos, the ‘Dine in for £10’ offer hit the nail on the head and has been copied by just about every other supermarket since.


The Guardian’s Matthew Weaver has more: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/blog/2009/may/20/marksspencer-pennybazaar-retail

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  1. #1 shop
    on May 20th, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Totally agree, impossible to get by without avocado, it’s the only way to make your hair shiny through internal methods.

    The penny bazaar may well be a masterstroke - ‘beat that Debenhams, they must be thinking!’ Funnily enough I was in Debenhams last week and stumbled by chance upon one of their sales spectaculars. I have to say that the sale worked and for the first time in many moons I purchased a dress from this particular retailer. While I was in the changing room I had rather a surreal sensation, however, as I heard a lovely, cheesy, brain-washing type of fellow on a loud speaker, urging customers to “go downstairs quickly for their free gift.” Turns out they were just giving stuff away….

    but it’s the time I go shopping on whim - if I hold out long enough they’ll probably pay me to go in store.

  2. #2 Hot News and Buzz : M&S’s penny bazaar: queuing for 1p pants
    on May 20th, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    [...] “I’m sure this will be a huge success for M&S if the media coverage is anything to go by,” says the retail blogger Trading Talk. [...]

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