Belly bands: yay or nay?

The Kennel Club has condemned the sale and use of belly bands. These are used for male dogs that are incontinent or simply just won’t stop urinating on stuff. We’ve all been there, kitchen smells a bit curious in the morning and then there’s a grinning cocker spaniel over in the corner looking at you like it’s treat time. Just me? It is annoying, but should we be resorting to a restrictive dog nappy in these circumstances?

I’d never even heard of these bands before today’s statement from the Kennel Club and I certainly don’t know anywhere in the UK that sells them. A quick internet search flags up lots of US etailers that stock them, and quite a few forums where pet owners have recommended them to others who are experiencing urine-related difficulties.

So, I just wanted to ask, are you selling belly bands and do you object to their sale/use?

3 Comments on “Belly bands: yay or nay?”

  1. #1 shop
    on Feb 20th, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    I can’t help thinking this is a revolting idea - call me a dullard if you will, but whatever happened to good old-fashioned puppy training??

  2. #2 Margaret Emery
    on Feb 25th, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    On the one hand I find it hard to believe it’s true and on the other why should it surprise me. I had never heard of them before and have just searched e-bay and found someone who actually makes them to order. Once I have posted this comment I will be leaving comments for him too. If you need to train your dog for toilet training purposes then use puppy training mats - this is just inhumane. Something needs to be done about this and the sooner the better - I have a puppy and an old dog and I would never dream of using such harsh methods - accidents happen - that’s life.

  3. #3 sherry
    on Mar 19th, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    I’ve been using them for my old dog who has become addled–he just doesn’t get anything anymore. He was a wonderfully trained dog until he was about 10 then he starting lifting his leg all over the house. I couldn’t believe it and took him to the vet for some very expensive tests, certain that there was something wrong with him. There wasn’t. Belly Bands has safed my home and sanity and he just doesn’t seem to care–I put cut up puppy pads and place them on the inside to keep him dry.

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