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Chelsea Flower Show

Eden Project Ranlagh School Second World War vegetable patch Hilliers Nurseries Future Garden Hilliers Nurseries Window of Opportunity Bankers Garden Jersey Farmers' Union Nature Rising Dibley's Nursery Modern vegetable garden The Laurent-Perier Garden National Farmers' Union The QVC Garden Capel Manor College - The Cottage Garden Birmingham City Council - Credit Munch

Mary’s big day out at Crufts

Getting a haircut The dogs look mightily interested in that sandwich Having a chat in the stalls
Mirk the canine blogger takes a break in the press office Well behaved dogs learn to sit and stay It's a puppet!
Over at Discover Dogs, I discover a healthy fear of giant dogs Ever wondered what police dogs eat? Iams, apparently What documentary? Crowded halls at Crufts
A young girl practices for her burgeoning Crufts career We've done this before dear, you sit and then you get the treat. Please? People are staring Who's the cutest? Oh, that's me!
Fifi explains just how hard life is when you are this pretty Was the lead entirley necessary? You're not fooling anyone, Champ Daredevil stunts